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Impulse vs Compulsion

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Masking your true desires is denying that those desires exist. Acting on impulse with regard to those desires can be a weakness that leads to regret and compulsion. Always know what you want in life and those impulsive reactions can be more calculated and therefore more beneficial to your life's outlook.

By knowing which of your desires should be avoided and which ones are acceptable to your moral code should make your decisions much easier to make when confronted by those pesky temptations that only distract you from your desired outcome.

Keep those goals in mind and you will be not only the wiser, but happier through less regret. You will now have a plan to speed you by those insulting distractions and know exactly which impulses are your friend.

Shopping can be just the therapy that lets you exercise your new ability to practice giving into your acceptable impulsive behavior. Especially with items that we have curated to add excitement and healthy pleasure to your life.

See you on the inside.

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