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Dressing for the Scatterbrain

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Are you a scatterbrain? Do you know someone who is? While having certain eccentricities can be frustrating to others, and yet deeply entertaining at the same time, it can similarly translate to an epic failure with regard to fashion sense or, conversely, shine a ray of seasoned brilliance upon any outfit.

Sometimes being scatterbrained can be a blessing of sorts. Not only is it a testament to your blatant disregard to conventional fashion, but it also signifies a deliberate nonchalance and a luxuriously sublime air of confidence - which is necessary while donning any outfit.

Understanding that fashion is somewhat cyclical...spanning decades, some carefully selected vintage accessories can add some pizzazz (you see language can be cyclically in-and-out of style too) to any brand new outfit. So, if you are going for the deliberately eccentric look, put those oldies but goodies to work for you and mingle them with your new pieces to give the outfit that sophisticated and worldly seasoned look. Be scatterbrained and keep them guessing what you'll come up with next.

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