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Do you prefer the sunrise or sunset?

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While the sunrise evokes strong feelings of empowerment, action, and new beginnings, the sunset induces strong emotions of peace, rest, sensuality, and completion.

It truly is amazing that one of the most fundamental and a simple phenomenon of nature can symbolize life, enlightenment, source, and perfection and yet change our perspective of it every day from morning until night.

How do you like your sunrise?

Do you watch it while on your morning run through Patagonia?...or do you sip fine Guatemalan espresso on your front porch and watch it come over the tall trees across the lake? Do you watch it from behind your eyelids as it slowly arouses a pink glow while you are meditating in a field of wild daisies...or are you practicing yoga by a red rock canyon cliff?

How do you like your sunset?

Do you prefer to sit on a balcony in an historic city and watch the sun cast a warm orange glow upon the rooftops while sipping on a glass of Amarone and savoring your favorite canapes? ... or do you prefer the feeling of sand between your toes as you watch it set into the Mediterranean sea behind a distant island and smell the sweet cool candlelit air of the resort patio behind you?  Do you watch the sunset while getting a sugar scrub and flower foot bath in the hills of Thailand?... Or was that you I saw in the Seychelles docking your boat after a nice sunset in the Indian Ocean?

However you like to spend time with the sun, we look forward to help expand your horizons.

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