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The Luxury of Art

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Chances are, when you go into a coffee shop you see lots of people eager for a caffeine fix. Tom orders a cappuccino, Jerry orders a Latte, Mary orders an espresso, and Jane orders a drip. Aside from Chuck, who orders a tea, the next ten people in line order variations and different flavors of the aforementioned coffees. Needless to say, they were all there in search for a caffeinated beverage, but they all wanted it a different way.

What does this mean?  In the exciting world of luxury, and anywhere else for that matter, it means that people are different and have individual tastes and usually know what they want. It is the anti-norm in its most rudimentary form.

Much like in politics, people settle for what the crowd decides as it forms the solution that meets the highest amount of needs, but it doesn't mean that it satisfies everyone exactly to their specifications – nor does it mean that it should!

The French have an expression: vive la différence – hailing diversity. In America, we appreciate that without diversity, there cannot be change. So, we applaud non-conformity when it comes to celebrating variety – especially when it means that we can have something the way that we like it, even when it means that we have to wait a bit longer for it.

The perfect example of this is art in every embodiment. Art is the ultimate form of interpretation, statement, and creation with respect to humanity's obsession with not only difference, but also the desire to be surrounded in self-expression. To simplify, we like to find satisfaction in knowing that we can custom-tailor our surroundings no matter how intricately or subtly to meet our own individual needs and tastes. It is humanity's search for beauty and our pleasure attained once recognized. Idealism is beautiful because it is not the norm and realism is beautiful because it is humankind's appreciation for the artistic elegance of nature … and henceforth, the norm. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and is the common thread in society's search for perfection...whether it be in our coffee, our country's leadership, or our artistic style.

Whichever way, it is truly a luxury to know that the choice in how to find your version of perfection is only yours to make.

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