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Path in the woods

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If you were walking down a slightly trodden path set into the woods, where would it lead?

Let's compare that path to a city street – with a defined beginning and a known end. The city's pavement suggests it is there for a purpose. To make the street easier to navigate and smoother to walk. In fact, the street has a sidewalk – indicating a high-volume flow of foot traffic. Many people have been over that path and many more will go that route because it is known. It is practical, it is utilitarian, it's worn, and everyone knows it.

Back to the woods – a pathway only barely trampled separates you from the destination waiting for you on the other end. Few feet have passed over that route, signaling that which awaits at the destination is lesser known and, more than that, the way to get there is unspoiled and reserved for the few. As you walk the path, your anticipation builds and your awareness grows about your surroundings each step of the way. You take in all that the path has to offer, as the way is still unfamiliar.

Tomorrow, you will remember you exhilaration as you carved the path through the woods today. Yesterday's stroll down the sidewalk could not begin to compare in experience. The variation of the path beneath your feet feels different, it feels more natural and unpredictable somehow.

Your walk was refreshing, it opened your eyes to experience a difference of sorts... a different mode of life experience. You begin to realize the refreshment that you now have from having chosen the virgin path as you realize you have arrived at your destination. Where are you? Well, that's up to you to decide – your imagination and anticipation awaits. Don't settle for less than all that you have imagined, the experience is yours to have. In the mean time...we can help you get there.

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