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What does Luxury mean to you?

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There are as many perceptions of luxury as there are people to perceive. Some simply equate brand and pricing extravagance with luxury as if to assume that luxury is only reserved for the few.

By its very definition, luxury is opulence and fine living. However, with many brands, it is merely a pricing strategy. For us and our culture at Gruppo Lusso (which, in Italian, means Luxury Group), we hold luxury to a higher standard and...rather unconventionally... don't rely on the machinations of brands to lure the masses by astronomical pricing strategies.

For us, it is not only attention to detail in every respect, but also that very same regard for detail's effect on the whole. To put it plainly – quality and creative ability. To us, luxury must be worth every penny and every euro-cent that is used to provide it.

Because of this, you will find things that you don't ordinarily see en masse. Instead, you'll find pure creativity, the highest quality, and great worth. We even go as far as to make sure that the people behind our brands are all working toward the same goal of ultimate quality and uniqueness. We take pride in each brand's back-story and make sure each brand came together and was established by the right passion and company philosophy. In keeping with the spirit of GL's definition of luxury, consider this our attention to detail that gets wrapped into all of the products and services you will find on and at our GLAM events.

You will feel confident knowing you purchased some of the finest articles that sets you apart from the crowd because chances are, they won't have them. You will be enchanted when you choose one of our fabulous life experiences that will permanently enhance your repertoire of lifelong fantasies achieved.

Join us today, because it makes all of us proud to see you again tomorrow!

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